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Don Feeney

Over 48 years experience in combating terrorism worldwide in the military and private sector.

  • Founding member of 1st SFOD-Delta, the US Army’s elite Delta Force and the 1st 75th Ranger Battalion as well as served with the 5th Special Forces Group (Green Beret).
  • 26 years - President and CEO of Corporate Training Unlimited, Inc. (CTU), an international security consulting and management firm providing specialized security service and training worldwide.
    • Counter Terrorism Operations & Training
    • Executive Protection Services & Training
    • Defensive & Evasive Driving Training
    • 2003-2011 – Iraq, managed numerous DOD contracts

Judy Feeney

38 years in Security and Risk Management working with international corporations to identify and assess threats as well as planning and coordination of Risk Mitigation Programs for Asset and Physical Protection, Crisis Management and Incident Command. Instructor to Local and Federal Agencies and various US Corporations in areas of: Hostage Survival, Defense and Evasive Driving, Terrorism Awareness, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance.

Participated in multiple hostage rescue missions around the world assisting in planning, logistics and actual missions in austere environments such as; Bogata, Colombia, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Guatemala, and North Africa.


Remo Butler, Brigadier General (Ret.)

Brigadier General (Ret.) Butler’s military career spanned 29 years, most of which was as a Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces. He served as the Company Executive Officer and Detachment Commander in the 7th SF Group in Panama, as well as Special Operations Command South, Panama, as Director J3 and as a Special Operations Plans Officer. Shortly after his participation in OPERATION JUST CAUSE, he returned to Fort Bragg, NC to command 1st Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group. BG Butler was also assigned as Deputy Chief of Staff to US Army Special Forces Command and to the US Army War College. Additional assignments included: Chief, Special Operations Coordination Element, XVIII Airborne Corps, Commander of the 1st Special Forces Warfare Training Group (Airborne), US Army Special Warfare Center and School, Deputy Commanding General, US Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg, NC, Commanding General, US Army Special Operations Command South in Puerto Rico. His military career ended as Chief of Staff of the US Special Operations Command at MacDill AFB.

After he completed his military career, BG Butler served as the LOGCAP III Deputy General Program Manager ME/CA and Project Manager Iraq/Kuwait. In this position he managed 45,000+ contract employees performing service security and construction missions throughout the mid-east theater

BG Butler holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science and a Master of Science degree from Troy State University in Personnel Management.


Patrick T Toohey CAPT, USN SEAL (Ret)

Over 45 years of U.S. Special Operations experience. Mr. Toohey retired from the U.S. Navy at the rank of Captain (O-6) after a distinguished 30-year career, 8 years of which he served as an enlisted UDT/SEAL. He served as a Navy SEAL with extended operational assignments in UDT-21, UDT-22, SEAL Team Four, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), COMSIXTHFLT, SEAL Team Six, other Special Assignments, and completed his career as the Special Operations Chair and Professor of Joint Military Operations at the U.S. Naval War College. He led and served in combat operations in Grenada, Beirut, Panama, Haiti, Somalia, and the Middle East.

He is considered and expert in:

  • Joint Special Operations training, planning and execution
  • Counter Terrorism Operations planning and execution
  • Operationalizing technologies for support of Special Operations Forces
  • Complex Security Operations and planning

After retiring from active-duty Mr. Toohey continued to serve and support the special operations community as:

  • SES in USDI
  • Contract support to the U.S. State Department in support of MOI – Baghdad, Iraq
  • Special Operations SME to DARPA
  • Director for Special Operations at General Dynamics
  • Corporate Director at Northrop Grumman for customer interface for Special Operations, Advanced Technologies, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)


Nicholas Eoanou

15+ years experience in business development and financial consulting. Nicholas has secured relationships and fulfilled contracts in regions throughout the Middle East, South America, Asia and Australia

Kevin Shipman

With over 30 years of Corporate and Field-based experience in both the Government and Private Sectors, Kevin is a proven leader of both people and projects. With a successful track record as a Security, Intelligence, and Logistics Professional, Kevin has served in multiple roles at home and abroad. He has been based in Jakarta, Indonesia for the past 17 years, where he currently enjoys extraordinary access within the Law Enforcement, Military, and Government Communities. For the past 2 years, Kevin has been serving as a Ministerial Advisor and Political Consultant. He also served 3 years as Vice Managing Director for a specialty Procurement Company supplying Western Intelligence and Military technology to authorized Indonesian End Users. Previously he managed numerous Security contracts in the Hospitality Sector, protecting luxury Hotel brands in high-threat Markets. He also spent 4 years as Life Support Services Contract Manager for the Diplomatic Security Service’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program (DS-ATA), working with Indonesia’s elite Police counter-terrorism squad, Detachment-88. Prior to Indonesia, Kevin was a DoD and DoS Contractor posted in Baghdad, Iraq and Dubai, UAE.

Mark Bridges

Mark began his Special Operations career as a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Squad Leader. This experience led him to multiple positions and assignments throughout the world where he applied his skills in Force Protection and Protective Security Operations for the Department of Defense in such areas as Kosovo, the Syrian border, Kuwait and Iraq. While in Iraq, Mark served in various capacities ranging from Security Manager, where he planned, developed and implemented security procedures in coordination with government agencies and management personnel to PSD Detail Leader, where he was responsible for the personal security and protection of clients during vehicular movements, special events, and other special situations. Mark was personally selected to lead the protection team for the Honorable Raouf Abdel-Rahman; the judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death by hanging.

Mark B. maintains a current United States Department of Defense Secret Clearance.

Mark Wimmer

20+ years experience as a security consultant and executive protection specialist working in diverse environments, from high threat areas such as Iraq and Somalia, to A-list celebrities and CEO's of top 5 Fortune 500 companies.  Mark has led as the Agent in Charge for large details both in the US and abroad, and was Operations Manager for CTU Iraq where he managed PSD teams providing close protection for US top executives and close support for U.S. Army SpecOps unit operating throughout Iraq.  He was responsible for analyzing daily intel reports and made route suggestions. Mark is responsible for planning and executing over 250 missions in the Red Zone, including convoys and Close Protection all through the Area of Operation.

Robbie Van Kampen

Robbie is a versatile and adaptable senior leader with over 30 years experience in the military and corporate sector. His military experience began specialising in surveillance and reconnaissance and expanded to include training, project and personnel management and command. Retiring as a Colonel in the Australian Army, Robbie commanded surveillance and reconnaissance troops from Troop to Regimental level and has twice been seconded to the United Nations as a Military Observer and Peace Keeper in the Middle East and as Deputy Force Commander of the peacekeeping forces in Timor Leste. He is a graduate of both the Royal Military College Duntroon, Australia and the Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth, United States. Since retiring from the military, Robbie has held several key positions at the CEO and Executive Director level in a wide range of private and Government sectors including: acquisition and construction, Local Government, change management, NGO's, mining and exploration drilling services, and security specialist services.

Jaco Lötter

Jaco is a former Officer in the SADF and SANDF. He served on numerous operational deployments in Sub-saharan Africa and is a decorated  Combat Veteran. He holds academical qualifications in subjects as diverse as Business Management, Political Science and Security Studies. Jaco served as a US DoD foreign contractor and as a PSD Operator in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Niger. He brings a wealth of experience in Operations and Security Management in Non Permissive and High Risk environments. He successfully managed projects in Angola, East and West Africa as well as his native South Africa. Jaco is a professional member of the IACSP, InstLM and PSIRA.


Terry Sullivan


After 10 years as an enlisted navy seaman, Terry was encouraged to pursue a naval commissioned officer position where he retired as a Lt Cmdr.  He has compiled over 45 years experience in counter-terrorism and special operations and naval special warfare. He was a US Navy SEAL for 20 years starting his career with 2 combat tours to Vietnam. Since then he has been involved in most major conflicts to include Grenada, Panama, First Gulf War, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL or contractor supporting various US Department of Defense Organizations or Other Government Agencies.

  • Trained with Foreign Special Operations Forces in anti-piracy and counter-terrorist operations.
  • Conducted security assessments of US Navy ships.
  • Provided counter terrorism support to the Olympics in Los Angeles.
  • Member of teams that successfully executed sensitive, classified counter terrorist operations.
  • Participated in hostage repatriation and negotiation operations.

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