Custom Fabrication & Modification

Custom Fabrication & Modification



Range19, by way of merger with C.T.U., brings over 15 years experience modifying military special-use vehicles, working closely with U.S. and local national Special Operations and regular military units in Iraq to fine-tune the design of the HMMWV M1114 Modifications to meet tactical operational requirements while providing maximum protection to the troops. Our veteran Special Operations personnel understand the needs of the special operator in the field, and the  structural  performance capability of the vehicle in battle conditions.

Range19 developed and created the Iraqi Special Forces Fighting Vehicle, which has been credited in the prestigious USSF professional journal, "The Drop", as playing an integral role in victory at the Battle of Najaf.

We are accredited to modify and repair U.S. Government HMMWVs, and have successfully completed major armoring modifications for over 200 U.S. HMMWVs for Special Operations and regular unit use.

We are a trusted U.S. company of Special Forces veterans, security cleared personnel, and journeymen metal fabricators who pride ourselves in integrating and training a local national workforce.


  • Repair and rebuilding of ordnance damaged vehicles
  • Structural repair and replacement due to accidents or rough usage
  • Normal vehicle road damage
  • Standard and custom painting of vehicles, including proprietary camouflage

Our experts are qualified to advise the customer if a vehicle’s ballistic integrity has been damaged or compromised beyond repair.



RAM Spec Op

Range19 uses ballistic steel with a laboratory-testing certification of AR450 or AR500 or better. Ballistic glass is similarly sourced and certified to the customer’s specific  ballistic strength requirements. Additionally, we regularly conduct our own testing with randomly selected samples, field-tested both with 7.62 x 39 and 7.62 x 51 in accordance with set guidelines of the manufacturer.

We use only Computer Numeric Controlled Plasma cutting equipment on site and in use to insure ballistic integrity of the steel, and maintain on site a staff of trained welders experienced in military- grade ballistic steel armoring. No acetylene torch cutting is allowed in the handling of ballistic steel.


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Among our proprietary designs:

  • High Impact Ram Bumper (Patent Pending) with Cargo boxes and tow hooks
  • Slip Resistant Rear Troop Dismount Step with full winch & towing capability (prevents troop leg damage and crushing during collision or impact)
  • Turret glass design to prevent spent casing “blow-back”
  • A-frame and/or Swing-arm spare tire mounting brackets
  • Swing-Arm Gun Mount plates & brackets
  • Recessed ammunition storage for rear gun mounts
  • Interior shackles for troop tethers


The conversion of the standard HMMWV to a rapid response medical evacuation vehicle with open litter carrier area includes:

  • Installation of a ballistic wall between the driver’s compartment & the rear cargo area
  • Lockable emergency door in the main cabin plate (Litter Hatch) designed to fit a standard U.S. military stretcher for transporting causalities
  • Compartment fabrication designed to secure litters
  • Easy-access custom designed medical supply and litter storage
  • Patented front Ram Bumper and custom easy-dismount rear bumper with winch


Range19 has experience working with troops and covert operators to provide custom racks for sensitive electronic surveillance equipment. This provides ready access to the operator for equipment adjustment and quick release in the event a damaged vehicle must be abandoned. Among the modifications we provided quick-release communication & electronic surveillance unit racks

  • Custom antenna tethers and brackets
  • Concealed surveillance equipment racks
  • Concealed storage areas (false bottom/sides/dashboard) in commercial vehicles


Our fabricators have experience in up-armoring conventional and military vehicles, as well as providing supplementary armor to regular fleet vehicles.

Range19 assesses each vehicle for armoring feasibility and metal stressors, including upgrades to existing shock absorbers, drive train, tires and  frames.  Among the services we have supplied:

  • Standard (visible) HMMWV up-armor
  • Up-Armor (not visible) of commercial local surveillance vehicles
  • Up-Armor of Government Emergency Response Vehicles
  • Reinforcement of PSD and escort vehicles
  • Elimination of “ballistic gaps” in armored vehicles
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